Kenosha LEGO® Users Group

Home of Wretched Excess.

Who we are

KLUG [kay-luhg] is a group of AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO®) and families located in and around Kenosha, Wisconsin.

What we do

KLUG members share their love of LEGO® bricks. We show our creations to the public at 8 to 10 events per year. We meet monthly to plan for upcoming events, share ideas, and build together. Many of our meetings include a build challenge which encourages us to create outside of our comfort zones and use pieces which we might not otherwise consider.

What is Wretched Excess?

KLUG members push each other to constantly improve and take our builds to the next level. Much like the improv comedy rule of "Yes, and...", we strive to build upon each other's creativity and encourage unlimited expansion of ideas.

Where to find us

Check our Facebook page for information on upcoming shows, or contact us if you're interested in joining the group.