Kenosha Kingfish


KLUG spent the day at the ballpark last August.  We were invited to Simmons Field to cheer on the local team, the Kenosha Kingfish.  It was Lego day and the team was giving away a brick version of their mascot Elvis.  Elvis was kind enough to stop by the display, even pose for a picture with his miniature self.  Now getting that figure back from him, that’s another story.


There was very short notice on this show, but five of us were able to make it.  Trolley Town showed up with some new improvements.  Jameson’s pier has been reworked and sets up in minutes now.  No dust-buster is needed for tear down.  It looks fabulous, and includes a sunken square with flagpole.  Anchoring the far end was Chris’ mighty Robie House.  It measures a massive 52” x 22” and contains over 20,000 pieces.  Between Trolley and Robbie was Geoffrey’s Casino and Movie Theater.  Geoffrey is a master at expanding an official set into something Lego themselves would be proud of.  The Casino is made from two Palace Cinemas.  Inside you’ll find slot machines, table games, and a pit-boss or two!  The movie theater is from the Town Plan set.  Two screens were added along with apartments upstairs.  Flanking the other side of Trolley Town was the classic Space Station.  A new monorail train was built for the show.  It was reconfigured as a cargo train pulling some very precious cargo.  A herd of pigs could be seen roaming the crater plates in search of “space truffles”.  A few patrons caught the Muppet’s reference.












Our junior Klug-ers added to the display, showing Lego creativity knows no age limits.  Their table included such Dr. Who items like Tyler’s sonic screwdriver, Daleks, and Dr. Who minifigures.  He also showed off a great micro-scale version of the mighty Sea Cow from the Lego movie.  Not to be outdone, younger brother Kyle added his diorama to the Who goodness.  Kyle built the scene “The Angels Have the Phone Box”, complete with a beautiful Tardis.  A pair of Pixel Guns rounded out his contribution to the show.  The kids were kind enough to let Jameson and I add to their table.  Jameson brought his micro Hardy House, a smaller version of his huge Frank Lloyd Wright home.  I showed off some mini-land scale figures relaxing next to their VW van roasting marshmallows and some micro-scale Kenosha landmarks built by my wife Lisa.









We enjoyed steady flow past the display and the Kingfish had attendance numbers larger then they have seen in awhile.  It turns out that KLUG and Kingfish is a great combination.  Let us hope we can mix it up again.  Everyone enjoys a day at the ballpark.