Bay Beach Show

KLUG headed north for a show at Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay.  We were set up in the largest room the club has seen and we did a good job filling it up.  But this show was more than just displays.  Bay Beach held building contests throughout the day ranging from Duplo towers to home built MOCs.  There were more Lego giveaways at this one show then KLUG has given away all year!!


Now what does KLUG have on display up north?  Since we were in Green Bay, native member Scott had mosaics depicting Green Bay's beloved team.  Scott also broght his Death Star micro-scaled trench.  This was nominated for Best Personal Display back at Brick World.  The rest of the room was filled with everything from arcitectural, Harry Potter, City scenes, Star Wars Hoth battle done up in classic space colors, and an Amuement Park of our own.

DSCN6306  DSCN6307






Members of the 501st were on hand as well.  They were kind enough to brave the heat and pose for pics.  I was waiting for the Storm Troopers to take over the Scat, but thankfully the Jawas talked some sence into them.


Now the best thing about doing a show at an Amusement Park was heading out into the park after the show.  I know the club had a blast in the park and we can't wait to come back next July.  Keep an eye out for a train full of orange shirts on the Zippen Pippen.