Brickworld 2014 Wrap-up

   Well, another Brickworld is finished, and once again it was a tremendous event.  This was largest Brickworld for KLUG yet.  We more than doubled our display from last year to a whopping 16ft x 45ft rectangle.  A few major milestones for the group were reached as well.  

Trolley Town can now be displayed in a full 360 degree view, as the track corners have been figured out, and the trolley truck can now turn.  Great work Jameson and John!  Also, Geoff displayed his “show in a box” design.  The Derby was big hit again, and we added an event in cooperation with the mindstorms guys (Steve Hassenplug and John Brost) to co-host an un-derby, a race up the track.  Not only do we display and run the derby’s, but several of our members (Dave and Jim) spent a few hours volunteering, helping check people in and answer questions of attendees.

Getting back to our display, we had a great variety of things displayed.  We had everything from the 9ft+ Saturn V display, to architecture, micro scale, amusement park and of course the Kenosha landmarks like Franks Diner, Rhode Theater, and the Street Car.  Overall we were well represented at our group display, as well as our members who had their own displays, Rocco and Stephen.  Now that we are back, it’s time to start planning for the next event, and our next collaborative build.  We look forward to seeing you at the next show!