Delavan Train show

When KLUG isn't taking part in standalone Lego shows, you can usually find us at any number of other venues.  Case in pint was the Delavan Train Show.  This was a city wide, two day train lovers extravaganza.  Model train displays filled the local VFW hall.  There were even displays at downtown buisnesses and a train to shuttle guests back and forth!  KLUG set up shop in the lower level of the VFW Hall.  We were a last minute addition to the show but managed to bring three members and fill over 100 square feet of display space!


So what does KLUG bring to a train show?  Well trains of course.  Our resident train guru Stephan was on hand to wow another crowd of not only train lovers, but Lego enthusiasts alike.  He took countless requests for a new train to take a lap around our display.  Most of the remaining diaplay space was taken up by a motorized amusement park.  The park tied into the train theme with a monorail train shuttling guests from one side of the park to the other.  All of the rides were in full swing and I even had the pleasure of meeting someone who used to run the Zipper ride in real life!!  KLUG member Jim debuted his contribution to the amusement park with his "Atomic Fireball".  The Fireball is a rotating swing ride that will raise and tilt the riders.  Jim also brought along hisi version of sporting goods retailer REI, aptly renamed LEI.  The three story building has in indoor rock climbing wall and a roof top mountan bike course.  A few Trolley Town buildings were also on display, but sadly the trolleys themselves could not make it.  They would have been a great addition.  Maybe next year.


Attendance at this show was fantastic.  There was a steady stream of people circling the display.  The event orginizers did not have a hard count when we left, but we estimate there were between 1500 and 2000 people through the VFW Hall over the two day show!  We were told our display garnered nothing but positive respones.  Look for KLUG to make another appearance at the Delavan Train Show next year.  I have a feeling we'll be back.