Storing Your LEGO

by Jameson Gagnepain
LEGO storage comes in many forms. What kind of storage is useful to you depends on what parts you're sorting, and how much you're storing.
There are a few basic types of storage that I personally use:
  • Tackle/Craft boxes
    Useful for sorting small pieces.  I use these mainly for 1x1 bits, minifigure accessories, and Technic parts. I prefer Plano 3700 series boxes:
  • Small drawers
    Good for larger quantities of small pieces. I love using these for tiles. I prefer Akro-Mils drawer cabinets:
  • Large drawers
    Great for large quantities of pieces, or large pieces. Baseplates, plates, basic brick, and slopes are good examples. I love the IRIS rolling carts for this:
Large and small drawers have the added benefit that they can be stacked high and secured to walls:
Craft boxes can be stacked high and attached to walls as well with some creative woodworking:
Plano Box Holder
There is of course no universally useful storage system, but I hope this provides some inspiration to help you find the system that works for you!