About Us

Do you love LEGO?

Are you 16 or older?
Do you live within driving distance of Kenosha, WI?
If you answered yes to those questions, we'd love to evaluate you as a potential KLUG member. Here's how you join:
  • Contact Us! Let us know a little about yourself and your relation to the hobby.
  • Attend a meeting. We'd like to meet you in person before we let you join the group.
  • Have fun! If you enjoy the meeting, let us know. We will then vote as a group to let you in.

Our Members include AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) from all walks of life, and a few YFOLs (Young Fans of LEGO) as well. Some of us have been life long LEGO Fans, some are finding a renewed love for the brick inspired by the camaraderie, and some are seasoned veterans in the Global LEGO Community. No matter what their origins, they have found new levels of fun and devotion as part of the Group.

The Group's greatest asset is found in it's diversity. Our works range from architectural to organic, robotic to humorous, from vehicles to "every day" objects. In every scale imaginable...microscale, minifig scale, miniland, "big" figs...even "life-sized", and exaggerated scales! The variety produces a wonderful melding of fascination for the Group, and an opportunity to learn from one another.

Although KLUG is a relatively new organization, it has already made it's mark here in the Midwest. We've had many successful events to our credit since forming the group in June 2010. One of our collaborative focuses has been to create area items and landmarks out of LEGO which are recognizable, beloved parts of our community.

Our endeavors together have been enjoyable, enthusiastic, and productive...even more so as our Membership grows. So, if you're a LEGO Lover in our part of the Midwest, come to one of our exhibits or activities... maybe even become a Member yourself. It's a genuine pleasure to make others happy doing something that makes you happy!

CHARTER OF Kenosha Lego Users Group



Section 1. The name of this organization shall be Kenosha LEGO Users Group. The name

shall be abbreviated as KLUG (pronounced kay-lug).



Section 1. The purpose of this organization shall be to share our passion for LEGO with one

another and those in our community.



Section 1. Regular meetings shall be held every other month.

Section 2. A meeting shall be defined as a gathering of at least 5 Adult Members.



Section 1. There will be two forms of membership:

-Adult Member: Adult members of KLUG shall be 16 or older.

-Youth Member: Youth members must be family of a KLUG Adult member.

Section 2. To become a member, one must:

-Attend a meeting, get to know other members

-Provide a bio and links to relevant websites for listing on the KLUG website.

-Receive a majority approval vote from active Adult members.

Section 3. A person is an active member in good standing when he or she attends at least

one meeting per year, and communicates with the group (e-mail, phone, or in

person) at least once every 3 months.

Section 4. The rights of voting and holding an office are reserved for Adult members only.

Section 5. Any member may be removed at any time. This process will be as follows: a

member of KLUG will email either the President or Vice President with the name

and reason for member removal recommendation. This will be shared with the

group, and needs 5 other members to acknowledge and agree with the removal.

removed members will no longer be invited to meetings, and will not participate in

the Google Groups list.



Section 1. Group business shall be conducted via email.

Section 2. A simple majority vote from active Adult Members shall be necessary to pass any

group business unless otherwise specified in the charter.



Section 1. The officers shall be -

-President: The President shall provide the agenda for each club

meeting, and acts as the primary point of contact for

potential new members.

-Vice President: The Vice President shall fulfill the duties of the President in

their absence.

Section 2. To be eligible for office, candidate shall be an Adult Member in good standing.

Section 3. Officers shall be elected and take office every odd-numbered year in January.

Elected officers must receive a majority of votes to be elected.

Section 4. Vacancies in office shall be filled by election.



Section 1. All property used for shows and club activities will be considered personally

owned items. KLUG itself will not own property.



Section 1. No KLUG contact information is to be shared outside of KLUG without the

consent of members involved.

Section 2. No advertising is to be done in the group for non-LEGO charities or businesses

without authorization from either the President or Vice President.

Section 3. No illegal activities are to take place in the group.



Section 1. The charter shall be ratified by a ⅔ vote of active Adult Members through e-mail.

Section 2. The constitution shall be amended with a ⅔ vote of active Adult Members through